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Too much data. 
Not enough you.

Grafiniti, the personalized, AI-enabled market intelligence platform

for asset and wealth management professionals. 

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Intelligence beyond data

Extracting insights from data is difficult, especially in the investment industry, which is flooded with it. Who are my peers? What are the best benchmarks? Which metrics should we track? Is this data trustworthy?

Grafiniti was designed from the ground up as a powerful, self-service, market intelligence platform fusing human expertise with AI to deliver instant access to personalized analytics at your fingertips.

Better decisions.
Anytime, anywhere.

Siloed information in legacy databases requiring specialized expertise means industry analysis is often stale, incomplete, or inaccurate. 
Money is being left on the table.

With an intuitive interface making our powerful analytical platform accessible to everyone, Grafiniti prioritizes the user, delivering actionable business intelligence.

Get actionable insights 

Monitor critical trends

Follow industry experts

Track vital metrics

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Access to analytics means better, more efficient decision-making firmwide
✓ Distribution
✓ Marketing
✓ Product management
✓ Market intelligence
✓ C-suite

Our Team

Investment industry experts sharing a passion for analytics with a talented team of technologists and data scientists

Steve U 2024.jpg

Steve Unzicker

CEO & Co-founder

Preeti Nagpal 2024.jpg

Preeti Nagpal

COO & Co-founder

Inderdeep Dhir 2024.jpg

Inderdeep Dhir

CTO & Co-founder

Ying Chen 2024.jpg

Ying Chen

Product Manager

Ivan Viragine 2024.jpg

Ivan Viragine

Data Science & AI

Eric Kunzel 2024.jpg

Eric Kunzel

Front End Developer


Paul Schaeffer


Darlene DeRemer


Kandace Espinosa


Ross Ellis 2024_edited.jpg

Ross Ellis


Avi Nachmany 2024_edited.jpg

Avi Nachmany


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